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Practice is key in order to maintain excellence and ensure that employees are up to date with the latest skills and technologies. Testing geeks offers the service of training that will help your company elevate their employees IT skills and thus increase their employment value. This would improve the effectiveness of your team and accordingly the effectiveness of your company.

Why us?

  • Proven teaching experience.
  • Flexibility in place and time.
  • Clear and concise course outline.
  • Comprehensible material.
  • Variety of courses.
  • Open discussions.


  • Pick the course relevant to your company.
  • Pick the place appropriate (Your company, Testing geek’s centre of excellence, a coworking space etc..)
  • Pick the suitable time.

Save Yourself from the Trouble of

How we work

Choose the course that is suitable to you or your company.

Check if you meet the perquisites needed first to be able to apply.

Choose whether you would like the course to take place in your company or in our centre.

Pick the suitable time for the course.

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