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Usability Testing

Usability Testing Description

Mobile apps are here to stay. You need to understand your users and foresee their expectations. The results of our usability testing services will give you 360-degree visibility into how your customers see and use your apps.
Using testing usability methodology, Testing Geeks delivers an all-inclusive view on a software’s operability by analyzing, identifying and benchmarking the weak spots in core features of the application and suggesting opportunities for improvement. This will give you a user-centric insight that will make the software more useable to your target audience.

Usability Testing approach

Testing Geeks perform use scenarios tested by real users, while the experts process the results and develop recommendations. This detects navigation structure and components. It is important to realize the Effectiveness of the application usage, and identification and elimination of useless or difficult operations. Usability testing helps adjust information presentation, visual readability, full functionality of page layout.

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